Monday, October 25, 2010

Start em' off right!

While watching the news tonight I was completely overwhelmed with happiness, rare for the news I know.  As I was watching the news I heard a story of a school in Fresno that started a program called Student Valets.  After listening to what it was all about, I was completely empowered.  Student Valets is where a student greets a car in front of the school and helps the children get out of the car so it is safer and a more pleasant drop off experience for the child as well as the parent.  What a novel idea, have children help other children start their day off right.  The kids on TV were so polite and courteous.  It truly was moving to watch.  I firmly believe Merced schools need to look in to this program.  If we start children out at a young age to be polite and kind to others, maybe it will carry on through their whole life.  It is incredible how a simple smile in the morning can change the whole course of a persons day.  Merced schools can definitely learn from this program in Fresno.  It is important to give children useful tools at a young age that they can take with them as they grow older.  I believe that the younger the child is the less they will resist words of wisdom.  Yes, this program make take work however I truly believe it would be beneficial.  It is time to start adding positive to our everyday lives. 

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Positive or Negative?

When you wake up in the morning is your attitude positive or negative?  A few mornings ago I woke up with a fire in my soul that I hadn't felt for a long time.  I am inspired for so many different reasons its truly incredible.  One of my biggest motivations is Merced.  I see potential in this city that a lot of others do not.  Merced is not a bad place at all.  It took me going away to realize that.  Where else can you drive from the city to the country in less than 5 minutes? I mean when you think about it, that is a huge attraction right there.  We are the gateway to Yosemite for a reason.  Merced is the heart of the Central Valley, we can drive two hours and be in San Francisco, Monterey, or Yosemite.  We now have a University which is a huge draw for investors and students.  It is time we start embracing all the positive and stop focusing on the negative.  If the residents of Merced have a depressing attitude toward our community how will we expect our visitors to have a positive one.  I am starting a challenge, next time someone asks you how you like Merced, do not answer with a negative response, answer with a postivie one.  This city can not be changed by just one person, it will many if not all of us to turn this city around.  We need to prove to the newspaper and to all the morning talk shows that we are not one of the worst places to live.  Merced has opportunity, and that is something that no negative attitude can take away. 

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Farmer's Market at the Promenade? Yes, Please!

This morning just like every Wednesday morning I made it to the Farmer's Market located in the Promenade.  Another great event happening right in Merced. I personally look forward to every Wednesday just for this reason alone.  Right after class I stop by and fill up on my fruits and veggies for the week.  You can find anything from peaches to green beans and they are all fresh!  This is an incredible way to boost our local economy.  All of the vendors are from Merced or close surrounding areas.  It is important we remember our local growers.  They struggle just as bad, if not worse, just like the rest of us.  Not only is it good to help them out, but its comforting knowing exactly where the produce you're buying is from.  I have met some of the sweetest vendors at this farmers market, and I will continue to support them.  You should too!!!! Now I'm off to go eat one of my fresh peaches I bought this morning. God Bless!