Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Jobs.... Wouldn't you like one?

Over the last couple of years jobs in Merced have become quite scarce.  For anyone that knows me they know just how passionate I am about jobs and bringing new and exciting things to Merced.  One thing I am less than enthusiastic about is the fact that people are not quick to try to improve our problem.  The Walmart Distribution Center has a million opportunities that it can bring to our community and I remain a supporter of its possible presence in Merced.  I understand that they may not offer the highest paying jobs or the best benefits but hello... ITS A JOB! I think we have seriously become a community that is more worried about Ferry Shrimp that the welfare of our city.  I am all for pure air and green pastures, but seriously? What is it going to take for environmentalists to step back and look at the bigger picture.  I have beaten this subject to death and I get the feeling people agree with me, they just do not raise their voice like I do.  Now, I find it interesting that if this distribution center was to have picked another city, more than likely they would have already broken ground or have it close to being completed by now.  So what is it with Merced?  I wish I knew the answer.  If Merced is going to ever pull itself out of this downward spiral, it is going to need a pick me up.  I am not saying that Walmart is going to be the best job you ever had, but it is a job, with a paycheck that can feed hungry families and support those who are trying to better themselves.  A person who is jobless more than likely is not going to turn down a job because it does not pay $15.00 an hour, they are more than likely going to take it because they need to feed themselves and their family.  Think about it...

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Dumbest City? I Think Not!

Well lets see, after months of being quite sick and the holidays, I am back to doing something I love... Thinking of ways to improve Merced.  After multiple people asking what has happened to this blog, my only response is lack of energy.  When I mean lack of energy I do not mean a lack of passion.  Over the last few weeks I have continued talking to Merced residents and one of the most recent issues is our lack of intelligence.  Now unlike certain public journalist and reports regarding Merced's collective intelligence, I do not think that Merced is stupid.  I am very frustrated just like many others that a report was issued stating that Merced was the dumbest city.  I personally think that our "unintelligence," does not come from those who affected the poll, but those who published that article.  If we are going to turn Merced around we need positive things in our news, not negative.  I feel very sorry for those who feel the need to bash our city.  It is their loss they do not see the good in our community that I do.  Sure we may have a few residents that are not as well educated as others, but is it their fault?  Schools are rapidly having to cater to more and more difficult standards for their students which is causing children to fall behind and not learn.  Colleges are having to cut classes and staff due to the ever failing economy which are causing young adults more strain on getting an education.  There are teachers who have surpassed their prime when it comes to effectively communicating the subject they are teaching and yet are still aloud to teach because they have their tenure.  Maybe before someone publishes that we as a community are dumb, they should do their research as to why.  If a 21 year old full time college student and employee can figure this out, why can highly educated journalists not?  Ill leave that question for you to answer.  It is time to put an end to negative publicity.