Monday, March 7, 2011

More Like Palo Alto.... Please!

After a recent trip to Palo Alto, Ca, I absolutely became consumed with fabulous ideas on how to transform Merced.  I see a lot of similarities between these two cities.  However the difference is that Palo Alto supports education at all costs.  Palo Alto has a very successful Medical School, Stanford University.  Merced has a University of California, which can be a successful Medical School.  This very idea is in the works.  I think Merced does not support education as much as Palo Alto.  If you are drive through Merced you see homeless people, graffiti, and the look of sadness.  If you drive through Palo Alto you see an exciting night life, people laughing and having a good time, and barely any graffiti.  My theory, if we support education, that sparks knowledge and if we support people who are trying to achieve an education, we are keeping them off the streets in the future.  I do not see how this is a hard concept to accept, however some of the officials in Merced do not agree.  Those very officials came to Palo Alto to see how they were so successful as a college town.  What was their outcome you ask? A LOGO! After spending the day in Palo Alto, their only conclusion was that Merced needed a logo! Ummm ever since I was a kid I was told Merced was the "Gateway to Yosemite."  Is that not a logo??  I think we are looking for answers in all the wrong places.  If we get to the root of what the problem truly is maybe we can correct it.  Safety: If people do not feel safe being downtown at night, they will not spend money and be out at night downtown.  Palo Alto appears to have their violence under control and when walking downtown at night there really is no fear factor that you may become in danger.  I commend Palo Alto for their appearance and their knowledge of just how to make a college town thrive. When I come to Palo Alto I see the possibility of Cancer being cured, the hope that tomorrow they will take one more young adult and teach them how to live a life away from the streets, and how to actually get people to come out and spend money at their downtown stores.  I think the officials of Merced need to accompany me on a little trip to Palo Alto, I would show them that Merced needs more than just a logo!

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