Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Construction.. Give em' a break...

Exciting things are happening around Merced.  For anyone who lives here you have probably noticed all the construction around town.  Some may be inconvenienced and upset that their routine is slightly thrown off, however I am thrilled.  I used to be one of those people who always got angry when I had to take a detour, normally because I was in a hurry to get some place, however now I think differently.  I guess you could say I had an epiphany the other day.  If there is construction going on, workers are getting paid, if workers are getting paid they are spending money, more than likely they are spending money in our stores and at our restaurants, resulting in a boost in the economy.  I for one, am grateful to see people being put to work in such hard economic times.  Not only are we getting new roads and state of the art overpasses, we are helping the economy while doing so.  I thought it was so uplifting the other day to see so many workers working on the Bradley overpass project, the sign holder smiled at me and I smiled back, he was probably just being nice but I was so happy to see new things happening in Merced.  Everyone should take the time to be grateful for our construction in this town, it is helping our community in so many more ways than just what meets the eye. 


  1. Hello Michelle, I stumbled upon your blog and I love your enthusiasm for Merced! I lived for a short time in Merced a few years ago, and I really fell in love with the community. I do feel like most of the residents of Merced don't have a lot of pride for their town, which is very unfortunate! Best wishes with putting your ideas into action - it would be great to create more positivity for Merced!

  2. Thank you Bonnie! That means so much! I have a vision for Merced and can not wait for the opportunities to create more energy from our youth. Thank you for the support it is very much appreciated!