Monday, August 15, 2011

Uplifting NEWS!!

First off, have I really not posted anything since April??? Ahh! Well let me apologize, I took the summer off to enjoy my small bit of freedom from anything closely relating to school.  However, now I feel guilty that it has taken me so long to get back in the swing of things! Now on to my exciting news! For the first time in years I actually stayed in Merced to do my shopping! I know, you probably do not care about where I shop but I do! This morning I went to the mall and for the first time since I was a kid I did not leave disappointed.  (The only reason I did not leave disappointed as a kid is because I was easily amused with KB toys, which used to be where Work World is now.)  Anyways, I was so excited to see that Tilly's made it to our mall and for the whole duration of my shopping time I felt like I was no where near Merced.  I was shocked at how sweet and helpful all the staff was and how they went out of their way to get any size or style I needed.  This is HUGE for Merced.  I am so excited that finally we have a store with style and that is clean.  This is only one of the positive steps forward Merced is making.  My opinion is that if we encourage big chain stores to see the potential in Merced, this could only be the beginning.  I am completely positive about the future of Merced and I feel this is only the beginning.  I hope everyone supports Tilly's and Children's Place now located in the Merced Mall.  We need to support stores that are fairly priced and have people working for them that actually value their job and care.  Good job Tilly's! Now lets get more stores interested in Merced!

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