Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Vote Smart Merced...

With election time coming up I feel this is an appropriate subject to talk about.  There are many new faces running for City Council as well as for Mayor and I feel the need to caution you accordingly.  I think Merced is in a place where we need some serious change, however at the point that change comes with consequences, we must rethink.  I am very excited to say that there are many capable candidates running and wish them all the best of luck.  Now on to the voters, what do you see happening in Merced in the next 10 years? Do you see potential or are you just as frustrated as the next person? Think about these questions long and hard over the next few months and try to come up with a conclusion before you vote.  My personal opinion is that I will be voting for those who have a backbone.  Everyone who knows me probably has gotten the vibe that I will be running for City Council in the near future, and although this year is not my time to shine, I still hold this election close to my heart.  I think many people get caught up in the glamour of holding a position like this and truly forget why they should be running or why they were elected.  As voters it is our job to remind them.  We want change, we want level headed people who do not put themselves first but put their people first.  I think we need to break up the good ole boys club and actually take this serious.  We are not voting for ASB President's in High School, we are voting for the future of our city and if you have the nerve to complain about one ounce of it, you better vote or else you have no room to speak.  I have noticed after talking to quite a few people, a lot of members of this community feel the same way I do.  So what do you say? Lets try to make a change this year and take a positive step forward. 

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